London New Year Day Parade 2020 Time Date Route Tickets Price

Everything you need to know about London New Year day parade 2020 time date route tickets price or location because many people want to watch live parade on new year 2020. Even are you still tired and hangout from last night festivities. If you really want to celebrate his beautiful day you better toughen up. Well no need to worry you can still recover from the last night tiredness because the parade and other events won’t start until 12 at noon. So there is plenty of time for you to get yourself prepared.

If you are living in London or planning on visiting for the New Year parade you won’t be disappointed. You better get ready and plan ahead because there are many events taking place on this day that you might not be able to attend all those. So plan carefully and hope this information help you get ready for the celebration of New Year parade day 2020.

London new year day parade 2020 is one of the most beautiful parades worldwide. This parade lasts for more than three hours and is an international event having more than ten thousand participants. Many of these participants are representing different countries.

London New Year Day Parade 2020

The parade itself is a very exciting thing to watch even if you are not a participant and just an audience. There are many things to enjoy. More large floating dolls of different characters, representing some famous politicians to some of your favorite movie characters.

There are bands, clowns, dancers, wind instrument bands, acrobats and much more. There are many surprises contained during the parade each year.  Also there are large number of visitors and travelers from other countries visiting during this time also. So it is recommended to book yourself a hotel room or somewhere to stay in advance. It gets pretty crowded there days and also the bookings are limited so you better hurry if you also want to visit the London New Year day parade 2020.

The parade route is as fellows; it runs from Piccadilly along Piccadilly Circus to Lower Regent Street, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall and Cockspur Street for better view for audience watching on TV. Then to Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and lastly Parliament Street.

The parade proceeds along these streets so you can watch it from any of these streets. There are still some restricted areas you cannot enter. Either because it was meant for some of the VIP of the country or is only available through tickets. Many different kinds are ticketed seats are placed throughout the parade route. This might consume some of your money but will give you a better view of the proceedings.

London New Year Day Parade 2020

You can also watch from window or some random café or restaurant. But should check the opening hours in advance and be warned that the crowd get large and might block your vantage view at some point.

Also there are some warm-up concerts on preceding days allowing bands to get ready for the big day. So you can enjoy these concerts. Or you can just walk around and occasionally watch the proceeding of parade at your leisure if you are not really interested in the parade itself just the festive mood. Also, you are really a parade fanatic you can spend your money buying merchandises and stuff.

Or just relax if you are tired form the last New Year eve celebration. It is supposed to be a fun day so spend it as you want or might find it fun.

There are still many relaxing and side events taking place so you might want to take part in those. Do want you to do on this London New Year day parade 2020. But know that if you don’t take part in this event you might regret it later. Because it is the most beautiful and magnificent event of the New Year celebrations.

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