Where can i Watch Happy New Year 2020 NYC Fireworks Live in New York

If your’s planning to joining of big day festivities but you want to know where can i watch happy new year 2020 NYC fireworks live in New York City? You must go with family for joy and happiness. People are looking for interesting stuff to do on this eve.

There are many different events arranged throughout the city. And famous sights arrange their own New Year eve events. Entertainment areas arrange events related to their products and stuff. The well off families or individuals can easily visit and enjoy their eve in these famous resorts. But there are people who cannot afford visiting these places.

Don’t worry because there are many places in NYC you can still visit and enjoy your eve and watch the fireworks for free. For people who want to be as close to main event as possible. Cannon Street is just outside the main ticketed area. But it is still close to the main show. It can get pretty busy so make sure to get their early.

If you are tired of hustle and bustle in the city and want to spend time in nature and greenery. Greenwich Park is for you.  Go get some fresh air. The royal park is ideal vantage point to view fireworks and it is part of Greenwich.

Happy New Year 2020 NYC Fireworks

Another good vantage point for fireworks is primrose hill. It is one of the highest points of the city. It is a very beautiful parkland and perfect place to watch the grand fireworks show. Bring your family and friends with your and enjoy having picnic while watching this beautiful sight.

Other places to visit and watch fireworks for free include are Alexandra Palace, Homestead Heath, and Millennium Bridge. But be sure to arrive as early as possible because it can get a little crowded when the midnight nears. Also there are many places you can visit. The time square is the best place to wait for the clock to strike 12 o’clock. And also the best place to view fireworks if you can secure the best and less crowded spot early.

There is a big party taking place here at times square. Be sure to become the part of it and enjoy it to the fullest. After that you can go watch concerts of your favorite bands. Or go to your friend’s party if you are invited. Or invite your friends to your party if you are hosting one. Enjoy boat cruise or biking with your friends.

The ball drop party is the most anticipated event of this eve.it is basically the countdown party where people are gathered at times square. The big clock at clock tower and the digital screens shows the counting down of the last minute. It starts at 11:59. And with the ball dropping the clock strike 12:00 and fireworks are launched.

It is one the most beautiful sight of the New Year eve 2020. Be sure to enjoy New Year fireworks to its fullest. Visit all the places mentioned above or if you are well off you can also visit the main event places which are quite expensive to visit. Have a wonderful happy New Year 2020 NYC fireworks experience and happy new year 2020 to you all.

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